And while we're on the subject of readings by fabulous women writers, don't miss the chance to see A.S. Byatt read this week.

From Flavorpill:

A.S. Byatt writes fairy tales for adults — stories teeming with genies, monsters in forests, women who turn to stone, and country doctors whose complacent worlds are shattered by a glimmer of the fantastic. Both her stories and her novels (including the Booker Prize-winning masterpiece turned schlocky Hollywood romance Possession) are formidable investigations of life, death, and freedom. Byatt once again displays her skill with a new collection, Little Black Book of Stories. At turns beautiful and disquieting, the book reflects Byatt's dexterity at transforming the straw of the mundane into the gold of a mythology haunted by our foibles and dreams. (NN)

I loved Possession , which if you haven't read it is sort of a complex, dreamy romance between high-brow literary academics that has inspired its own scholarship. Details on the reading here.



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