Tonight I was looking for a magazine at the newstand, and having heard that High Times relaunched with a new focus on politics and culture, I picked it up. Of course, we're talking about the newstand in the 125th Street subway station, so it's the February issue. The theme is "women," and although it's uneven (a feature on Carolyn Cassady's unsung role in the success of Beat writers goes up against a story on how to get back at your ex, "that lying bitch," with Friendster), it looks interesting. There's an intriguing article by movie critic Carrie Rickey (not online), entitled "A Hard Look at the Gaze." I only had time to skim it; according to the editor's letter: "In a reverse shot on cinema's current obsession with the camera's 'male gaze, Carrie Rickey illuminates 'the female gaze' in film." More on this later if it's as good as it sounds.


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