Elizabeth's Weekly Spiritual Reckoning with the New Yorker

May 17, 2004 issue

Table of Contents
13 bylines:
1 woman*
12 men

*The woman is Mary Karr, superstar.

(including 5 Talk of the Town pieces not listed on the Table of Contents)
18 bylines:
3 women
15 men

A little note: the cover by Marc Rosenthal, "Spring Ritual," is very cute this week, with a demure babe in her sundress inspiring puffed-chests from six fine examples of the adoring men of New York. Funny enough: the ration of six men to one woman is actually just about exactly what you'll find inside, as long as you include those Talk of the Town pieces. But if we're talking proper bylines on the TOC, you'd need twice as many men on the cover to avoid false advertising.

Thank god I have a sundress. . .



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