Hey everybody. I apologize for disappearing without letting you know we'd be so coy--Lauren's on a much-deserved vacation and I'm on the novel and too spacy to ever be more than a random and degnerate blogger without her. But with me or without me, the New Yorker just keeps coming through, my word. Tallying it up every week is making what used to be a private little moment of minor disappointment that barely even registered into a weekly exercise in five minutes of my jaw dropping. It makes me want to take up something joyful and feminine, like bellydancing.


Elizabeth's Weekly Spiritual Reckoning with the New Yorker

May 24, 2004 issue

Table of Contents
13 bylines:
3 women
10 men

*longtime staff writer Joan Acocella, poet Constance Merritt, and Pulitzer Prize-winner Jhumpa Lahiri

(including 5 Talk of the Town pieces not listed on the Table of Contents)
18 bylines:
3 women
15 men

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