Also in the Times Magazine, an interview with Rebecca Walker who has just written a book about boyhood. I love this! Deborah Solomon's questions are in italics:
A lot of this reminds me of Robert Bly, who started these camps in the 70's where men ran naked through the woods to find their softer, more expressive selves.

What I am doing is nothing new. I am contributing to the work of many men who have been raising these issues. It is very difficult to challenge entrenched values. I was just reading something that said if you let the culture happen to you, you end up fat and broke, in a house full of junk, with no time. If you just sit in front of a television and let it carry you along, without making an effort to resist it or deconstruct it, you really suffer.
And then Walker reminds us of how women are so brilliantly redefining what it means to be an artist.
Do you think you have to be monstrously selfish to be an artist?

When I was growing up, many female artists adopted the masculine paradigm of the artist, that kind of heroic notion of my-art-at-any-cost, intimacy-not-so-important. There has got to be a way for artists to be both thrillingly productive and also emotionally sane.
I, however, am going to lean to the monstrously selfish side for the next week and see if I can't get this novel outlined. Please send me some Thrillingly Productive vibes. (Emotionally sane will come next week. I think.)



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