Dear Land Grant College Review, you sexy indie darlings,

I love the cover of your latest issue! “Man Fishes in Bucket While Woman Shoos Away Bottle Flies.” That’s fabulous! Sort of like “Most Of Our Editors Are Women While Men Write The Stories.” Everything seems so complicated in the world today. Thanks for making it so easy for us to figure you out!

Land Grant College Review Issue No. 2:

-7 editors, 4 of whom are women
-Table of contents = 9 male writers, 1 female writer

Snap! And yet you thank Claire Zulkey, Bookslut, Maud Newton, and Moorish Girl in your acknowledgements . . . so maybe “Women Blog While Men Get Published?” Even better. I guess I won’t be renewing my subscription, seeing as I can get a heftier dose of serious fiction by women writers from The New Yorker and all. Too bad our little affair had to end so soon. It seemed so promising, and it certainly was nice while it lasted.



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