I just back from a languid and lovely Sunday afternoon meeting (the chocolate brunch @ Seppi's in Le Parker Meridien is uniquely fabulous) with Jen and Elizabeth. We were discussing all of the exciting plans we have for the reading series, the blog, and the website. There are definitely some v. exciting things around the bend for us, and we do love our readers, so drop us a line in the comments section if there's something you're dying for... Personally, I'd like to have a Cupcake benefit featuring hot male writers stripping for a good cause. Or a chick lit redemption night, wherein former chick lit writers can repent publically by reading their new, serious fiction. Any takers? Criteria: You must have published a book in the last five years with a distinctly "chick lit" vibe. Bonus points for a plotline that involves shoes or Botox. Ladies, you have nothing to lose but your chains.


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