Thanks Brangien, for letting us know about Swivel, billed as "the nexus of women and wit."

Says the Seattle-based editor-in-chief,

I came up with the idea of putting Swivel together about a year ago, when I became completely fed up with the lack of estrogen in most literary mags, especially those that publish humorous writing. I was also irritated by the fact that *women's* lit mags are so often angry or depressing or wifty-pifty. This phenomenon doesn't represent the women I know! Hence, Swivel.

Our first issue (due off the press the first week in July) features weird and wonderful stories by smart, funny women like Aimee Bender, Lauren Weedman, Ali Davis, Kate Lake, and more. We've also included photography, comix and illustrations--all by women, and all with a killer sense of humor.

We totally dig it! Readers, do submit to its charms, and funny women writers, do submit your work.


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