Today I find myself humming the chorus of an old song by The Eyeliners about being on tour, which basically goes, blah blah blah some cities in the Pacific Northwest blah blah "I wish I could be seeing you tonight...". Trust me, it sounds catchier than it reads.

Countdown to Cupcake: T - 6 or 7 hours. Tonight's readers promise to be fabulous, as always and then some:

T Cooper + Maud Newton
7:30pm @ Lolita, 266 Broome (at Allen)
Admission is free

T Cooper is the too-cool author of the justifiably hyped Some of the Parts (Akashic Books, 2002) and Maud Newton is the superstar lit-blogger currently working on a novel about Fundamentalist Christians in 1980s Miami.

Don't miss the fun!



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