We are working on a new website with all! new! features! (including lots of interviews, yes) and are a little low on blogging energy for the next couple weeks as a result.

But stay tuned, as we will surprise you, fear not.

Sorta like the New Yorker surprised me this week as I did my little tally, featuring women in almost half of its table of contents bylines, giving a chance to such up-and-comers as Zadie Smith and Alice Munro.

The cover this week--a grim-mouthed woman with her sort of half-doppelganger behind her. Note: most weeks, this image of two women is perfectly honest advertising as to what you'll find on the table of contents. But not this week! There are way more women than the usual one or two! That is so cute.

Elizabeth's Weekly Spiritual Reckoning with the New Yorker

June 14 & 21, 2004 issue

Table of Contents
15 bylines:
7 women*
8 men

*usual suspects Joan Acocella and Nancy Franklin (who usually write on dance and on television, respectively), Alice Munro, Susan Orlean, Zadie Smith, and poets Elaine Equi and Linda Gregg.

(including 4 Talk of the Town pieces and the Financial Page not listed on the Table of Contents)
20 bylines:
8 women
12 men

This is the best balance in the numbers yet! Thank you, New Yorker!



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