Check out Margaret Cho, who is sick of people, especially feminists, hating on Courtney Love:
Why is this ok? If you are a feminist, or even if you are a woman, I don't think it is acceptable to hate another woman in the media anymore unless you have a well worked out explanation as to why, have examined all your own prejudices and can convince me that you are not just another fascist follower of fashion. I don't care if that in itself is a sexist notion, for it forces the burden of guilt on the jury's shoulders. Individually we must be called out to prove our suspicion, put words to our guilt. If you are going to triple her bail, that is the least we can do for her.
I can tell you that C-Lo strongly resembles the kind of chick I would steer v. clear of in real life, but from the cultural distance at which I experience her, I do love her pure ambition, the depths to which she is a publicist's nightmare, and her outspoken feminism. She asks over and over in interviews: "Would anyone ask that question of a guy? No." Also, despite the plastic surgery she is still in some basic, temperamental way anti-groomed, which we are in a bit of a desperate need of these days when so many urban girlies think that a Brazilian wax and a gym ass and a pair of $500 shoes (I am so sick of typing that about the shoes but it's so true I can't stop) are the path to freedom and empowerment and sex and love and juiciness.

The other thing about C-Lo that you can't deny, considering her two big loves, Kurt Cobain and Edward Norton: "I have a magic pussy," she announces. "If you fuck me, you become a king. I'm a kingmaker."



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