Ha! I saw the first line of that post below, Lauren, and I thought my DSL got hijacked by someone who thought she was Carrie Bradshaw and it was 1998. I thought, wrong blog, baby!

I have a friend who was a women's studies major, from California, and lives a wild life and has a career dedicated to expanding women's opportunities who I think probably thinks I'm a cranky bitch when I get grumpy about what I see as cookie-cutter New York fashion fueled by insecurity, lack of imagination, and materialism--the sort of corporate after-work Manhattan attire that is so dreary and boring even though on the surface it looks so much less dreary and boring than its counterpart outfits did in the early 90s and in the 80s before InStyle magazine and the internet sped trends up and gobbled up the underground. And that saddens me that my friend probably thinks I'm a version of an antilipstick feminist, because I'm not, because I love innovative fashion, the stuff that looks wild and beautiful and imaginative and sexy and anti-tidy and anti-Jackie O and sort of anti-douche-commercial, you know? You can spend a ton of money on imaginative wild fashion, or you can just go out there and do your own thang--either way, it would be so much more fun if people felt inspired to/allowed to dress a little more like Bjork and get their asses off the Atkins diet for five minutes.

It's all about Andre 3000 instead of Lenny Kravitz, that's what I'm talking about. Or even Madonna instead of J.Lo. You know?


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