I love this post from the always clever Cup of Chicha. It's about a guy who set out to write a chick-lit parody and ended up with some sort of horror fantasy story, except maybe with worse shoes than your average chick lit shop-stravaganza. From C of C:
Here's the plot summary BookPage provides:
Cassie French is a 29-year-old business lawyer for a Hollywood studio with the requisite wacky mom, lecherous boss and two beautiful best friends: a skeletally thin supermodel and a studio exec who is sleeping with her shrink. What they don't know is that Cassie has three handsome young bachelors drugged and handcuffed to cots in her basement, where she instructs them in the finer things in life, and occasionally has sex with them.

(But if a film adaptation of Finishing School wanted to transcend parody and create the first horror classic of the new millenium, all it would really need to do is cast Courtney Love as man-trapping Cassie.)

True story.


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