I must recommend to you the under-reviewed and under-publicized Rosanna Arquette documentary Searching for Deborah Winger. It's so fabulous to hear these passionate women--even the Stepbot Melanie Griffith and the unsurprisingly insipid Meg Ryan--discuss what they're up against in their careers. They get really personal about how they balance their careers with kids, men, etc., in a way that is no-bullshit and really rare to hear in such an in-depth way from accomplished, artistic, very ambitious women. (It's not the most artistically-advanced documentary, but what the women have to say carries it brilliantly.)

Tracey Ullman, Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone, Salma Hayek, Whoopi Goldberg, Holly Hunter, Frances McDormand--it's amazing to see how much these unbelievably successful and lucky women still have a sense of having to make a lot of sacrifices because of the sexist nature of the business. Robin Wright Penn discusses, a little bit, when she will give up a project so that her husband can go do a project, and we do get a sense of whose genius is more important in that marriage (and why he couldn't stay with Madonna, ahem).

V. interesting: Roger Ebert claims that there is less sex in Hollywood movies now because teenage boys aren't interested in it: they want potty humor in the spring and special effects explosions in the summer. They're not getting the sexual tension with actual girls next to them in the movie theater, they're getting the immediate, if distant, gratification at home with internet porn. God I'm glad I was born in the seventies. . .


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