Just in case you didn't think that there was a reason to take your ultra-shitty novel on a breezy book tour through the Midwest, be assured that the incredibly deep and character-revealing interviews you'll get will have to be some small consolation:
PDQ: What's it like to be so fabulous?

Plum Sykes: My life is funny, though. People think that because my job is to write about glamorous women that I must live like that, too. But I'm a writer, I'm an observer.

Um, you're something.

Three cheers for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, and its hard-hitting journalism. Bravo. Although I guess on a more fundamental level, assigning this story does expose the flawed logic of the painfully unsupported thesis that Plum's staunchest fans know what a newspaper is, where to find one, or what to do with it.



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