My boyfriend and I rented a movie this weekend and got "Swimming With Sharks" because we both wanted to see it (actually, his agent recommended it - true story). I don't know if you've had the good fortune to see this precocious little charmer, but basically the film is about a junior agent/personal assistant-type who tortures his boss (literally) after enduring torture from said boss (figuratively). I think it's supposed to be clever.

Anyhoo, it's like, this early '90s trip down Misogynist Lane, and while I enjoyed the minor female character with her take-no-prisoners attitude, she obviously turned out to be a whore and thus had to die in the end, leading to said assistant's promotion. What the hell was that?

The thing I found most disappointing about the movie was that it wasn't the dark, intelligent satire it wanted to be, and woe is me, I had such grand expectations. Watching it was sort of like being clubbed over the head when you thought you were going to be kissed.

In the grand tradition of Diana Vreeland, Why don't you...

...read a juicy book featuring evil-boss-vs-upstart-assistant rivalry and the droll idea that smart girls don't have to die?

My recommendation: skip The Devil Wears Target or whatever it's called, and check out Apprentice To The Flower Poet Z, the "ferociously witty" first novel by poet Deborah Weinstein instead.


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