Yes, Caitlin Flanagan is as played out and tired as the 2004 Stepford Wives movie. Worth reading over at AlterNet:
Whatever the problem at hand -- sexless marriages or exploited nannies -- Flanagan can be relied on to trace the source of the malaise back to feminism. And it is the sign of our times that while feminism is virtually unmentionable in Hollywood, it can be repeatedly invoked and demonized in some of our most influential magazines.

The working women in Flanagan's writings sound a lot like the "castrating Manhattan career bitches" that the Stepford men are eager to replace. More to the point, her version of the '50s woman is just as mechanical and self-constructed as Claire's robots. This is the "rare woman -- the good wife, and the happy one -- ... who maintains her husband's sexual interest and who returns it in full measure," mostly by virtue of "orderly and successful housekeeping." It's perhaps why Flanagan inevitably relies on how-to (please your husband, save your marriage, etc.) manuals to make her arguments than real women themselves.



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