After a week and a half of the August flu, I am going on vacation. I am going to read some trash at the Jersey shore in order to inspire myself to write some trash. I am supposed to come up with a blog post here so I don't abandon Lauren with this for the rest of the week, but I am in a sort of suburban comatose loss for words. All I've been doing is taking antibiotics and sleeping and watching movies and the Olympics, so I'm gonna give you my DVD recommendations along those lines (actual summer movie recs TK):

Put on your Netflix list:

1. All six discs of the Freaks and Geeks series: it rocks, it's complex, and Kim Kelly, the angry/sensitive badass Busy Phillips character is my favorite character in the world right now.

2. 8 Women: French murder mystery farce in which 8 perky fifties chicks keep spilling more and more dirt--it just gets dirtier and dirtier each minute and you are convinced by the end that there couldn't possibly even be a French word for "perky." I fast forwarded through the musical numbers, just to make you feel better about doing the same.

3. But really, while you're waiting for these to show up in the mail, there are quite a few swimmers on the television you should be busy objectifying, no?


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