I know that blogging is supposed to be all instantaneous, rapid-fire commentary with the nuance stripped out for reasons of expediency, but sometimes it's like trying to take a snapshot from a moving train.

The review of Pledged below is an allegory for the literary world.

When it's mostly men who get those tenure-track teaching gigs, write those best-selling books, start those acclaimed literary journals, edit the important magazines, and assign (and write) those critical reviews, it's hard to blame them for not seeing the equal representation that the overall picture lacks.

Obviously, if you're a sorority girl, you're going to enjoy a book about sororities. It's just like if you are a guy who thinks that writing in a woman's voice is risky, those who agree with you will judge your book by its cover and think that topless equals talent (or perhaps ass equals class?), so to speak.

Anyway, to the anonym-nasties: I'm not going to delete your comments; you certainly have as much of a right as I do to say what's on your mind. I think it's a discourtesy to the terribly earnest college student who wrote that review in her free time, for no compensation whatsoever, but like, you know, whatever. As for reading the rest of the blog, I will suggest that you get a dictionary, honey, and look up "satire" before it smacks you in the head.


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