ELIZABETH'S COUNTRY KITCHEN MOVIE CORNER: What's worth paying ten bucks for at the surural multiplex (all total dude flicks but done intelligently and didn't make me cringe):

1. Some Kind of Monster--a movie about Metallica going into therapy. It's so great to watch them posture and bullshit and then finally say what they're feeling. It's so great to see guys actually dealing with their emotional lives. It's so great to hear that Kirk Hammett Enter Sandman riff a zillion times in the dark on a summer afternoon. Mm.

2. Collateral--actually about something (manhood? fate? work? well, something), not totally vapid. Jamie Foxx is really wonderful, and Michael Mann always keeps my attention. Tom Cruise is completely tolerable as an assassin.

3. A Home at the End of the World--I loved "White Angel," the story that this Michael Cunningham novel originated from, but I couldn't get through the novel. (Don't even get me started on The Hours.) But I was totally with this movie throughout: maybe it's just that my own rural escape fantasies were encouraged by the fact that an empty snowy gorgeous Woodstock is apparently that Home. Robin Wright Penn is breezy as the fabulous fag hag who spruces up an amazing AMAZINGLY-wigged Colin Farrell and sets up house. (Colin Farrell as a brunet Garth is what that wig is, people). My friend Elliot thought it was all too bucolic, without enough of the real angst that is involved in any domestic life, nevermind a threesome, but I fell for it: it's a big fairytale for those of us for whom the chick-lit/romantic comedy fairytale isn't so appealing.



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