From the Feminist Majority Foundation, this update that the Vatican has it in for us. Jeesh, and we thought the Da Vinci Code, at the very least, was keeping them busy enough. But no--Il Papa and crew have issued a document warning us of the imminent girly threat. FMF reports that:
The letter attacks the "lethal effects" of feminism, which the Vatican sees as motivated by a desire to "obscure" the "natural" differences between men and women, and thus creating what they see as the most ruinous result, helping to create a movement towards acceptance of gay marriage. . .

The document was likely spurred on by the Church's desire to prevent the ordaining of woman priests, despite pressures to do so in the face of widespread sexual abuse scandals, as well as re-state its opposition to same-sex marriage at a time when the rest of the world is increasingly moving towards acceptance, reported The Washington Post.


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