Girls Girls Girls! author Claire Zulkey has a colorful quote in a "newspaper article" about chick lit that otherwise appears to consist almost entirely of recycled press release copy and a few awkward transitions:

To wit:
"It's kind of frustrating sometimes to see all these books," said Claire Zulkey, 25. She independently published "Girls! Girls! Girls!" -- a collection of essays about being a young woman.

"As a writer you get kind of jealous. Why do these people get paid and get published?" Zulkey said. "It's just that sometimes if you're a woman writer it seem as if you have to be one way or another.

"You're either some artsy Iowa Writer's Workshop woman with wool socks or you're Plum Sykes," she said. "I would like to see a blend of the two."

I suppose that can be interpreted as: women writers who know who wrote The Great Gatsby, and those who don't.


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