Here at the Cupcake blog, we are like, obsessed with shoes. I mean, aren't they just the best? So much better than books or politics sometimes!!!!!! But not as good as boys IMHO. Oops. Sorry. I was just trying to find my blogging voice, and that one was Paris Hilton's.

But on the topic: In a previous career, I was a publicist working in the social justice movement (no, not a "media activist": barf) to promote progressive causes. Anyway, people always asked me what they could buy (as opposed to shopping at any one of the various banned retailers), e.g. "Is anything truly sweatshop-free?" and I felt like I never had anything especially good to say, besides, "I don't know - couture, maybe?"

Solution: Code Pink has some cute pink sneakers just in time to run into the streets and protest the boys' club that is the RNC. Perfect to wear with your blue stockings.


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