Hi lovelies:

I'm sorry to say that there won't be much of the sass that you crave here this week, as Elizabeth is still enjoying her time by the sea, and I'm here in the city trying to do a million-and-one things and can maybe only manage a million. Jen is either in France, managing a chic bistro, writing the great american screenplay, or on a tropical island somewhere. At least two, maybe three out of four, god bless her heart. So posting will be light.

Please amuse yourselves (as we often do) by visiting some of the glamourous badasses who will be charming you half to death at the first Cupcake of the season next month: Jami Attenberg, Nathalie Chicha, Emma Garman, Eurotrash, Blaise K, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Maccers, and Elizabeth Spiers, with introductions by Maud Newton.

Ciao for now,

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