1. If you're skipping town, like I am, for this sick convention of sickos, and you feel guilty about not protesting, why not sign up for some upcoming weekend to register voters in swing states--hook up with the Anti-Bush Travel Agency, who will find a way to get you to a swing state to sign people up to participate in what we are all praying remains a democracy. How cool is this! After the demoralizing non-reaction to the huge NYC and worldwide march against the impending war back in 2003, did you start to wonder if street protests really do anything anymore? I did. But I feel pretty sure that registering voters does something.

2. If you are in New York this weekend, I can't recommend the Code Pink posse enough. Did you know Louise Erdrich is a member of Code Pink? She wore their buttons all over the place when she was on book tour in 2003. Also, I heard her say at a reading that she thought Code Pink's policy of protesting in pink clothing was genius, because most women have a stash of never-been-worn pink apparel they are happy to put to use. Anyway, check the pink geniuses out here for events this Saturday and Sunday.

3. Click here to register your own fine self to vote, if you haven't already, or if, like me, you've moved since the last time you registered.

4. Trim Your Bush t-shirts from Tori Amos, whose book with the wonderful writer and music critic Ann Powers is coming out in early 2005.


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