I loved this essay by Jami Attenberg (who on September 14 will be our very first two-time Cupcake reader at our women bloggers reading night). It's so cool to see how much it changes everything to be out in the country writing for three months.

I've been reading Jami's wonderful blog since 2001, when I lived in the sticks and my fiction was completely fed by long long drives listening to albums over and over, walking the dog, and not having a cell phone. Her post makes me miss that life and wonder how to balance it with living in New York--the big nourishment for my writing seems to be that kind of quiet and space and open sky etc., but barring the west coast of course that means living in Actual America, not New York, which doesn't seem quite possible. Plus, once you find someplace beautiful, they start building MTV Cribs-looking mansions and Applebees all over the place, in my experience.

Until I figure it out, I'm just going to keep an academic schedule and take advantage of the ease of subletting a New York apartment for the summer and (knock wood) the generous miracle of artists residencies, which I'm amazed Bush hasn't tried to eradicate yet.


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