I was looking for some details for a new something I'm working on, when I came across this beautiful splash of whimsy otherwise known as the Lenox Hill Bookstore webpage.

Maybe I am a little bit obsessed with this place now, all charm and abandon (I mean, between Amazon and Barnes & Noble, it kind of amazes me when I come across a bookstore that actually gives a s--- about books), with an in-house chapbook series curated by genius women writers Jennifer Egan, Lynne Tillman and Donna Tartt amongst others, and this passage from the proprietor's seasonal letter:
One book I’ve always wanted to read is Memoirs of a Midget by Walter de la Mare. It has recently been reissued in a lovely edition by Paul Dry Books with a new introduction by Alison Lurie. It is a most peculiar and enthralling novel unlike anything I’ve ever read. Miss M, the narrator of these fictional memoirs is a tiny, young woman with a passion for shells, butterflies, stars, and nature in general. The novel focuses on her twentieth year when she falls in love with a beautiful full size woman and is courted by a male dwarf. To read it is to fall under it’s spell. As the New York Times Book Review said, “Here is a great book.”
Tell me about it. Miss M. sounds like the perfect action heroine for our times.


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