I was going to do a nice little current events post earlier this evening about reading literature, but I was totally distracted by a chick-lit title so bad and lame and then some that caught my eye in a newspaper column. Of course I had to look it up, and I can only describe the plot, the cover, and the whole aim of the enterprise with one word: egregious.

Usually my policy is not to give any publicity in this space to things that aren't worth it, but if you have to hit rock bottom to realize how bad chick-lit is for the world and civilization as a whole, then I suggest you get acquainted with THE ACCIDENTAL VIRGIN.

Rather than discuss that at length, I'll just paraphrase a choice line from gifted comic-actress Molly Shannon's highly-underrated Superstar: THE ACCIDENTAL VIRGIN is "special...so special, it belongs in special ed."

Much more deserving of publicity: the long-awaited, oh-so-needed return of THE OXFORD AMERICAN, which is the only thing I'd take to a deserted island, even if it meant having to leave behind my favorite sunscreen and instructions on how to build a coconut radio.


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