Nevermind what I'm doing in Pennsylvania watching VH1 at 11am on a Monday.

What you want to be asking is: Why did Barbara Kopple, one of our major documentary filmmakers of the 70s, (definitely check out "Harlan County, U.S.A." if you haven't seen it before) end up directing VH1's "I Married Carnie Phillips"?

AND, is there any way that a man with the stature Kopple had in the documentary film world would ever be doing that kind of stuff?

That's not a rhetorical question: I actually want to hear some examples. I want you to say, yeah, look, Freddy Wiseman directed this Tide commercial.

But somehow I doubt it. To me it looks like the same thing I keep seeing in magazines: the serious women artists/writers go way downmarket to survive. The women who went to college with the guys who write for the New Yorker are earning their own money by writing lipstick articles for Conde Nast women's mags, and they're also supporting the New Yorker with those lipstick articles.

I love lipstick, but still--bleh.


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