This month's BUST magazine rocks. For awhile I wasn't feeling them as much as I had in previous eras--but this issue has interviews with Eddie Izzard and PJ Harvey, a feature about exactly how Sassy magazine was too edgy for America and got phased out of existence, and a substantive article about the radical women who finally got us the vote.

And, a brief interview, p. 104, with Diamanda Galas. It's not like I listen to her music all the time, but I just love her so much. Her music is generally too extreme for my tastes, but I love that she pushes the form and doesn't give a fuck that she's so far out that her audience is really limited. Her latest work is about Armenian, Anatolian, and Assyrian Greek genocides that happened between 1914 and 1923. "There's a place for the Madonna types," Galas says, "but there's also a place for unclassifiable people, like me, who are discussing things seriously. Maybe people won't get the work for 300 fucking years. I don't care. If you have one life to live, do what you're interested in."

God, it makes me realize that somewhere in the back of my head I am clinging to Madonna as a pop tart who at least cared about something, at least wore the pokey wild cone bra, believes in gay rights and now has a developed spiritual life, in contrast to the latest Bush-loving generation of Jessica Simpsons and Britneys.



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