This week is going to be fabulous - I love that feeling! I have two great books to look forward to reading: The Grave of God's Daugher, and Trace Elements of Random Tea Parties.

On a side note, I was thinking of recommending a Diane Johnson event in October, and I thought I should read one of her books first. I picked up Le Divorce at the used bookstore down the street and read it in one sitting, and thoroughly enjoyed it, although I found myself going, "Is this chick lit because there is a Kelly bag in it? Am I reading chick lit? Is chick lit evil?," etc.

I came up with this whole counterargument, like [SPOILER ALERT: skip to the next graf if you don't want a big hint about the story] "Why would she have a satisfying sexual relationship with an elderly man if it were chick lit? Wouldn't she be having sex (or scheming to, replete with hi-jinks and mojitos) with her boss/neighbor/gay(ish) best friend?"

And then it was more like, "Why don't I ask myself these questions when I read books by men? It's not like I buy books in the airport, or the supermarket, yet here I am reading a totally engaging, well-written book and wondering if it is sub-par just because of this whole chick-lit thing." Very weird.

It came up again when I saw a movie this weekend, Garden State, which I thought was really terrific and wonderful (and the soundtrack: genius. I'm listening to it right now). But what if Nathalie Portman's character was the main character and not just the love interest? Would it still be an instant classic? Or just another chick flick?

Anyway, I shall be thinking of all that and more, but also, reading lots of books and planning our exciting and enthralling new season of Cupcake. And also, my boyfriend is going to be on "The Majority Report" on Air America on Wednesday, with the beyond-superstarish, big media powerhouse Janeane Garofalo (who has a book of her own coming out next year).

And as a fitting transition for me to remind myself to stop blogging and start meeting my deadline, I'll just add as a coda that my picks for the week ahead will be up on literary hot spot MaudNewton.com tomorrow afternoon, so don't miss those if you live in New York and are looking for something to do.


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