The fabulous Jessica Hopper, aka the reason I subscribed to Punk Planet, has me totally geeked-out with laughter as she recounts her recent experience DJ-ing a Veteran Feminists of America party:
My mind was broken, I loved it.

These "little old ladies" - with their white hair and pleated front slacks are invisble to the world. Like Stealth Bombers. They are everything we do not expect from the recently AARP'd: radical, mouthy, wild-eyed and libidinous after 2 glasses of white wine.

More singing along and a limmerick about a female Pope. The organizer comes over and asks me "Do you have Helen Reddy "I Am Woman"? - we'd like to do that next and would like accompaniment." - Duh, dude, of course. How could I not? That'd be like not having Off The Wall at the cocaine-fashion warehouse party.
Do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.



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