I am doing that thing where I have sent 72 emails so far this morning and I know that I am banking my social, effective, normal-person working-time in-the-worldness because at some point, January? I don't know when--I am going to go hide in the woods and write dreamy wild unearthly fiction again and not talk to anyone but my mom and my two best friends for two or three weeks.

For now, everything is so busy trying to create our own little world here at Cupcake. We are working to create documentation of just how bad it is for women in the top echelon of literary publications. And we are going to start an activist effort in 2005. And we want to reach out to Women's Studies departments. And we are working on bringing you regular book reviews.

So if you want to become involved with any of this, please email me: ecm11@verizon.net. We have so much fun at Cupcake, let me tell you.

You know how you read, say, InStyle magazine or watch too much network television and feel like total crap? And then you pick up BUST or something, you watch a beautiful soulful movie, you just sit there and listen to the Clash for an hour, or you talk to your smart amazing funny friends, and you're back on planet earth and having a good time and not buying into the edge of consumer panic that's always kind of threatening? That's what it feels like to work on Cupcake! It's not even work, it's just a big party with a point to it.



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