I have such a cold today, oh my god. So it's all I can do to link you to Gawker, people: check out their Princess Superstar interview.

Princess Superstar is such a Cupcake, I must say. She started her own label and has taken responsibility for creating an economic model for her life and her art that leaves her integrity and her entire self intact: by doing her own thing she gets to be brilliant, sexual, entrepreneurial, bad-assed, girly (check the hilarious speed-dating article in New York magazine in which she pins a flower in her hair so as not to scare off the nice Jewish boys), political, and whatever the hell else she feels like, on account of because. She is anti-chick lit personified, complete with a potty mouth, just like us.


[Here, check this one too, where she explains: "I always remained independent because I felt that was the way I was really going to be the most creative and most innovative, and have the most sticking power. I'm so grateful that I did because although I worked my ass off, it's paying off now."]

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