I just got back from the Regina Spektor show at the Knitting Factory. She's sort of hard to describe, but NME said that, "discovering Regina Spektor is a thrill akin to being electrocuted by fairy lights," which I think is pretty apt, unless you think that's sort of abstruse, in which case you can go with Interview's take, and "think Joni Mitchell meets Bjork."

(PS: Those are the kind of mind-boggling, nerve-jangling run-on sentences I regularly wrote until I took Elizabeth's writing workshop.)

She sang a lot of songs I was really digging, but the catchiest one had a chorus that went:
you haven't even got good credit
you can write, but you can't edit edit edit edit edit.
Seriously, she's superb, so check her out if you haven't already. She is so talented and funny and fabulously eclectic.


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