It's so hilarious when you first start a blog and you feel like everything is ripe for commentary, I mean - women writers and the literary world - honestly, one could go on for days and days... but that seems like it requires essays. And you know, that whole thing about women writers and the lack of critical coverage that we are always bitching about, well that generally lends itself to scarcity on ye olde google news.

So I am maybe coming up a little short this week. I had a horrible cold for most of it and was sick, but now I am feeling better but still not totally fired up as they say. I was doing a search for intriguing news to share with you, but that soon devolved: first "chick lit" - always blah and nothing more, good for annoying bits and little else, and then "women writers" slightly better but nothing made the earth move; likewise, "women" and "literature." So then I really started clicking around and generally feeling uninspired, and googling random things and not really coming up with anything worth mentioning here. And then I sort of half-absent-mindedly googled "feminist sex bomb."

And get this - it leads to absolutely nothing interesting! I was totally shocked. I mean, I'm not quite sure what I expected to find, but it's an intriguing enough turn of a phrase. And so after overcoming my disappointment that there weren't 4,000,000 fabulous hits to sift through, I was like, what exactly is a "feminist sex bomb"? At first I thought of '60s student-radical Bernardine Dohrn, since I just watched The Weather Underground the other day, but honestly, that's more of a literal expression in her case. Anyway, any ideas for a working definition of "feminist sex bomb"? Any nominations?



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