JENNY DAVIDSON, the so fabulous author of HEREDITY, one of my absolutely favorite books ever, who read a great excerpt at our second ever Cupcake in July 2003, has a blog. Do check it out, post-haste. She discusses all things interesting and literary, and notes that she is working on another novel, which I am sure will be divine!

HEREDITY comes with one of the most amazing review blurbs ever: The New York Times Book Review asserts that "one of the novel's most refreshing aspects is Davidson's steadfast refusal to invest Elizabeth with the base-line likeability that American readers seem to demand in their fictional heroines."

Heredity is a great example about how you can write a book about a strong, smart young woman who likes to sleep around and do whatever the hell she wants, in a sexy, interesting setting, with a twisty plot, and not have it be anything even remotely resembling the rote "chick lit" that makes me want to vomit everytime I walk into Barnes & Noble. Poor Mary-Kate -- do you think that's her problem, too?



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