Last night's Cupcake reading was just dazzling, thanks to our amazing, fabulous line-up:

Maud did us the great favor of guest hosting, which was so best. In between, Maud and I talked some trash about some random people we both know, which made me think, wouldn't it be fun if there was a blogger gossip column where one could send blind items? You can send them here for now.

Jami is back from a summer of writing in Napa, and read a terrific new story about the travails of dating a boy that your mother adores.

Blaise asked the crowd to pretend that we were 22-year old Bennington grads at commencement, and then gave us lots of v. important life advice in a hilarious commencement address about how to stay thin and clever.

Emma read a finely wrought story about the dark side of love, that we're very much looking forward to reading more of sometime soon.

Rachel gave new meaning to cupcakes with an amazing story about getting some in a bakery. And she brought some to share, which was very sweet, as Elizabeth and Jen and I have become far too lazy to bake.

Maccers killed us with her disclosure of her (fictitious?) affair with Dick Cheney, and all of the uncomfortable situations that undisclosed locations entail. For instance, the nuisance of having to constantly revive your boyfriend while the two of you hide out in a cave.

Eurotrash, who we were warned was a tough act to follow, totally delivered with a scathingly funny story of her roots and the hell she inflicted on other people before giving up misery for good.

Elizabeth (Spiers) finished the night off brilliantly with tales of her early childhood exploits, and the hazards of not heeding your mother's warnings.

Poor Nathalie, her laptop died and she lost her story, so we're going to have her back for a reading this fall.

Again, a tremendous thank you to all of our ladies who blog, and thanks also to the huge crowd that turned out. Lots of familiar faces, and lots of new ones too, and of course, lots of people who are almost famous (on the internet).

In addition to the usual post-event emails, I also got one about a "missed connection," which I passed along, so I think I can safely say that our work is done, until the next Cupcake: September 24, featuring Marjane Satrapi.


PS If you went, please post to the comments - Elizabeth (Merrick) had to go teach at NYU, and couldn't stay for the whole evening and she's terribly sad to have missed it. So she'd love to hear what you thought if you were in attendance.


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