Slate has a pop-up review of MARJANE SATRAPI's Persepolis 2. [via Bookslut].

In case you forgot (which I know you didn't, since even our little venture capitalist friends have the date in their blackberrys), Marjane will be discussing her work at a special Cupcake on Friday, September 24!

So tell your assistant, write it on the back of your hand, scrawl it in lipstick on your bathroom mirror - whatever! We'll see you then. Rumor has it that fabulous, activist, independent bookseller Bluestockings will have books for sale at the event. I'll confirm here when we know for sure.

And as long as we're on the subject, have you signed up for the low-traffic Cupcake list? It's the best way to get the good news first.



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