Today I was on my way home when I passed by this nice old guy who I always see selling used books in my neighborhood, and I felt like I should stop to check it out, and no matter what, buy one book. Easier said then done, as he had, shall we say, a rather eclectic selection - not really eclectic titles like the booksellers on the streets near NYU often have, but more like mostly books that are lost, out-of-print, and totally forgotten for a reason.

Anyway, I looked at them all, and finally walked away with Normal Men, Desperate Women, a sort of parody answer to the Men Who Hate Women & The Women Who Love Them/Codependent No More megahits of the '80s self-help craze that forms the basis of Bridget Jones' Diary and its ilk.

While I would not suggest that you go out of your way to read this book, it does offer some amusement here and there, e.g. "Credo 9: 'I'm Not a Misogynist, You're a Male-Directed Misanthrope:'"
One little "Sorry, dear, I don't agree with you," or "Fuck you, bitch, what do you know?" and we're labeled misogynists or women-haters.
So true, boys. So true. I feel like I have actually heard those exact words before, and not in a satirical context -- they usually come out of the mouth of someone who still says "P.C" and describes a woman as a feminist like that's not the bomb.


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