The truth is, I was so worried about all of our fates last night that I told my father that he could definitely forget grandchildren if that criminal gets "re-elected." I was feeling so grateful to Marjane Satrapi not just for her wonderful books but for giving the very timely heads up on how to survive a totalitarian regime with your soul intact.

But then Shana sent her extended posse this Michael Moore article and let me tell you, my inbox has rarely lifted my mood so quickly:
For some reason, all of this has scared the bejabbers out of the Democrats. I can hear the wailing and moaning from Berkeley, Calif., to Cambridge, Mass. The frightening scenes from the convention have sent John Kerry's supporters looking for the shovels so they can dig their underground bunkers in preparation for another four years of the Dark Force.

I can't believe all of this whimpering and whining. Kerry has been ahead in many polls all summer long, but the Republicans come to New York for one week off-Broadway and suddenly everyone is dressed in mourning black and sitting shivah?
Read the rest of today's USA Today article and get back in the fight.



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