We're so excited about tomorrow night's reading, thrilling for so many reasons: it's the first Cupcake after our short summer break, we have 9 truly dazzling, fabulous ladies to present, and, if karma and the butterfly effect can be bastardized and appropriated to my uses here, I like to think that chick lit dies a little bit in some dark corner of the universe everytime a smart woman opens her mouth. Expect that in spades, lovelies.

Not much time for fresh content here today, but The Smart Set, my weekly column of things to do in the city, is up at MaudNewton.com.

Oooh, and so best, I just got word that one of Paris Hilton's book party attendees may post his or her comments under the cloak of anonymity, which will likely confirm the maxim of our media-saturated age, in that I suppose we get exactly what we deserve.


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