Wow! I just got back from post-Cupcake dinner at comfort-food sanctuary Starfoods with Elizabeth and Jen and #1 Cupcake fans Bryan and George. Tonight's Cupcake was so best. Marjane was amazing.

There were SO MANY things that she said that I wish now that I had written down. She talked about her childhood, leaving Iran and moving to Austria as a teenager, living in France, and her experiences traveling around the U.S. on her book tour. And lots more, including common misperceptions she hears about Iran and the importance of speaking your mind. She is very cool and fabulous and if you haven't read Persepolis and Persepolis 2, do get with the program.

Bryan and George both independently counted at least 150 people there -- it was madness, but in the best possible way. We were delighted that lots of new people discovered the hardest working reading series in show biz.

Elizabeth and Jen will have more eloquent accounts later, I am sure. If you were there tonight, we'd love to get your comments (although maybe not if all you focused on was that it was hot and that space ran out quickly -- baby, I got that memo, loud and clear).



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