Amanda Stern -- Cupcake alum (April '04), author of Softskull sensation The Long Haul, and director of the Happy Ending Reading Series -- is the subject of today's interview at Gothamist.com. The whole interview is worth a read, and she mentions Cupcake:
There are a lot of amazing series out there. I can never get to Little Grey Book Lectures because it’s on the same night as Happy Ending, but John Hodgman is enormously talented. KGB obviously has consistently good people. Cupcake promotes strong female voices; One Story devotes their nights to one author, Sunday at Sunny’s and Barbes are also pretty special. There’s a lot going on.
Amanda also gave a shout out to Cupcake when she spoke with Maisonneuve earlier this year. As if we didn't already have enough reasons to adore her.

If you're in New York and looking for something smart and fun to do, the Happy Ending Reading Series is tonight.



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