Artsy, one of my absolute favorite publications and art collectives, has relaunched after a break. About Artsy:
Created by Jasmine Trabelsi and Julia Laricheva, Artsy originated as a glossy publication/web site in the spring of 2001. The approach of featuring women's art from a contemporary feminist perspective quickly gathered fans.

Critics may say that there is no imbalance, or that the numbers of female artists are rising–so why the need for such a resource featuring just women artists?

* Until 1987, the textbook used in most American college and university art history courses listed no women artists.

* Presently, women artists comprise only 7 percent of all artists in textbooks used in the United States.

* Looking at the earnings of men and women painters in well-known galleries, work by men and women of comparable age &
  exhibition records show disparities in market value, similar to those we find in other fields where men & women compete.

By using a model of a collectively run publication, Artsy unites a variety of perspectives and voices targeting women artists at the start of their struggle to become recognized.

We aim to be a sustainable resource for women looking for a community where they can share support, inspiration & confidence.
The editors report that they will update the site every two months, and that they have a new blog that will serve as a clearinghouse for art events and other news. Welcome back, Artsy!



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