Cupcake alum Zoe Heller (July '04) writes in The New York Times about Jen's favorite new book, in a deft and insightful article that is well worth a read.

In a refreshing response to the usual breathless press that the new brand of hardcore memoirs have been receiving in the past couple of years, Heller deconstructs much of the hype around Toni Bentley's book:
Predictably enough, the press material that arrived with my galley heralded this volume as a daring and courageous inquiry into ''what many consider to be the last remaining taboo.'' Anal sex is very far from being the last remaining taboo, of course. (The last time I checked, cannibalism and necrophilia were still struggling for acceptance.) Indeed, there are some signs that the status of anal sex as any kind of taboo is under attack. State laws against sodomy were struck down by the Supreme Court in 2003. And no less mainstream a fictional character than Bridget Jones cheerfully engaged in the practice, in the film adaptation of Helen Fielding's best-selling novel ''Bridget Jones's Diary.''
Because you know, once something shows up in chick lit, it's not quite the new black anymore, is it?


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