Dearest Cupcakes:

I am heading out of town in just a few short hours for a little r&r in sweet San Francisco... I know. Right now you're asking yourself how on earth my life could be more fabulous. To tell you the truth, I have no idea (well, there is this one thing...), either. I've been kissed by fortune lately, darling, and fortune frenches.

I will miss our witty little banter here, of course, but must be consoled by that fact that I leave you in the ultra-capable hands of SuperJen and Miss Elizabeth, who blog like crazy when they are not out dancing on tables with handsome, mysterious strangers -- kind of like the Hilton sisters, if their handbags weren't so much larger than their brains.


PS One last link before I go [via feministe].

PPS Back Sundayish. XO.

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