Diary of a Teenage Girl author and Cupcake alum (July '03) Phoebe Gloeckner has an announcement:
"Attention Comics Afficionados and Creators:

As Assistant Professor of Art at the esteemed University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, I hereby welcome suggestions and donations as I begin the job of building a comics library. This library will be a part of the permanent collection at the University.

• It would be impossible at this point to build a comprehensive and all-inclusive collection, but I want to at least start off with a solid set of volumes representative of various periods and genres.
Please e-mail me your lists or single-volume suggestions.

• One little branch I'm developing is self-published books, including mini-comics and artist's books. Collecting these is difficult, since often the only source for these books is the creator.
So... calling all self-published creators of comic books, mini-comics and "artist's books!"
E-mail me and tell me what you've got. I want to share it with the world, or at least get it into a library.

• Another branch of interest: non-American comics. In any and every language.
Needn't be translated into English.
Specialists and cartoonists of the world: e-mail me!"


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