A former "Friends" assistant is suing for sexual harassment. She says the writing staff made lewd jokes about the actress Courtney Cox. Not so sure her case is strong enough but it does bring up interesting questions on censorship. What will the late night writing rooms be like without the creative flow of silly, crude, potty mouth jokes? I myself am a huge fan and practitioner of scatological humor and believe that All is fair in the comedy war room.

You decide.

But it's the blurb below that really makes we want to scream profanaties:

WITH few exceptions, situation comedies are written by large groups of predominantly young white guys - often under-socialized, smart-alecky guys for whom "Portnoy's Complaint" and "American Pie" are sacred texts - who are cooped up together in small spaces late into the night. (According to the Writers Guild of America, of the 1,576 writers who worked on network television programs in the 2002-2003 season, 425 were women.)

what the f#@*!?


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