bell hooks wrote an essay several years ago about how she was invited on the news as a commentator and seriously disappointed her white hosts when she wouldn't trash rappers for being sexist. She sees rappers as "working in the fields of racism, sexism, and homophobia." They're saying all the stuff that the educated rich tighty whiteys perpetuate, get rich off of, believe wholeheartedly. Poorer, less privileged men voice and do the dirty work to perpetuate this violence, however. Of course.

Anyway, from Air America Radio, here's a little activism for ya from the fields today:

Even if you don’t like hip-hop--or if you don’t agree with everything it depicts--Eminem’s new video, “Mosh," is important. It’s animated, but no less stinging for that. It depicts a mother coming home with an eviction notice and seeing a report on Bush’s tax cuts for the rich on television; a soldier returning home to his wife and baby, only to be re-deployed to Iraq; and, at the end, an army of white and black people voting. (Links to Mac-friendly video here). Among the lyrics:

Someone’s trying to tell us something, maybe this is God just saying
We’re responsible for this monster, this coward, that we have empowered
Let the President answer our high anarchy
Strap him with an AK-47, let him go
Fight his own war, let him impress daddy that way

Musicians making political statements is nothing new. But there aren’t many recording artists with as wide a following among young people across the country; and fewer still would be willing to risk alienating fans with a video assaulting a candidate this directly, right before an election. And not only is the video unusual, it’s powerful.

Per Kos, you can write-in a vote for the video on MTVs Total Request Live and on their hip-hop request show. On either page, scroll to the bottom, click “Other”, and enter Eminem for artist and “Mosh” for song title. Vote as often as you please.

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